• Vega de Pas

    Kacie will spend August in residence in the mountains outside Vega de Pas, Spain, learning traditional practices of the area, such as transhumance and cheesemaking.

  • curating the archive

    We Began To See Things Whole: photographs from the Cottonwood Gulch archive

    The Inpost Artspace is pleased to present a selection of historical photographs chronicling early days of Cottonwood Gulch, an expedition program that has run since 1926. The Cottonwood Gulch was founded by a teacher from Indiana, who led educational summer treks throughout the Southwest. Traveling in a caravan of Model T station wagons, they sought “the remote and generally unknown wilderness regions” to experience a simple life, if only for the summer. The Trek represents a unique experience of place and time — stepping into unfamiliar lands and cultures, being humbled by geologic time, passing down strict traditions of keeping camp. Deep in the Gulch archives are a trove of logbooks and photographs documenting these expeditions and the evolving cultural landscape the trekkers studied. Co-curators Meggan Gould and Kacie Smith are excited to introduce highlights from the archive as stories of the outdoors, discovery, camaraderie, and problem-solving.

    Reception: June 2, 5 – 7pm (First Friday ARTScrawl)
    Exhibition: May 22 – June 24

  • Expedition Behavior // MFA thesis exhibition

    Expedition Behavior is a site-specific, interactive exhibit, housed in the greenhouse at Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge. Kacie Erin Smith has constructed a series of backpacks through rigorous handwork and detailing, informed by her experience with farming, outdoor education, and the place itself. Smith’s gear invites audiences to acquaint themselves with the outdoors, to consider the embodiment of knowledge, and to play with things in flux. Designed to use at the Refuge, the backpacks investigate cultural and environmental narratives, and the limits of self-sufficiency.

    OPEN HOURS: M, W, Sun, April 2017
    reception: Friday, April 7, 4 - 7pm (Valle de Oro)
    artist talk: Tuesday, May 5, 11am (Pearl Hall, UNM)
    Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge
    7851 2nd St SW, Albuquerque

  • PRINT / MAKE makes the morning news

    P R I N T // M A K E features original artwork by University of New Mexico printmakers who use traditional processes such as woodcut, lithography, etching, and serigraphy. The exhibition coincides with Arts Unexpected and a new, student-led Printmaking Symposium -- a series of events celebrating Printmaking at the University, including archive tours at the Center for Southwest Research, UNM Art Museum, and Tamarind Institute, as well as live demonstrations at the Graduate Art Annex. The collection displays the breadth of editions the artists printed for the exchange.

    KRQE, April 21, 2017

    symposium + exhibition at Outpost Performance Space

  • Mobile Gravy does Route 66

    Mobile Gravy is an ongoing collaborative performance by CB Bryan and Kacie Smith, in which we put on the facade of a food truck. Order from our menu of (non-edible) plates, sides, and elixirs! This project calls on our love of food and farming, kitchenwares and the hand-made. At the same time, we revel in facilitating humorous encounters + conversation, highlighting both harmony + absurdity related to commerce, mobility and sustainability.

    For this iteration -- part of Artbeat “66 Reasons to Love Route 66” -- we will serve from our bicycles just off Albuquerque's Central ​Avenue with nods to the role of nostalgia, public transit + cycling in the urban environment. Come quick as supplies are limited!

    Thursday, March 2 at 6 PM - 7 PM
    The Remedy Day Spa
    113 Vassar Dr SE, Albuquerque

  • GAA Juried Exhibition

    We are in mysterious contact with the powers besieging us, ready to call forth a miracle.
    University of New Mexico Graduate Art Association Juried Show

    Opens Saturday, February 4, 6 - 8pm
    Exhibition: February 4 - April 1, 2017
    516 Arts, Albuquerque

  • reVIEW: Projections from the Land Arts of the American West Archive

    reVIEW: Projections from the Land Arts of the American West Archive

    Land Arts of the American West is pleased to partner with Our Lands 2 for an evening event showcasing video and digital media projects exploring bioregional issues around Water, Land Use, and Foodshed, and inspired by embodied and imaginative stories learned from travels across our lands.

    November 16, 2016
    4pm – 9pm
    El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe
    555 Camino de la Familia
    Santa Fe, NM

    Free and open to the public

    Artists: Kaitlin Bryson, Nancy Dewhurst, Erin Fussell, Wiliam Gilbert, Andrea Gohl, Ryan Henel, Jeanette Hart-Mann, Eleanora Jarosynska, Tara Marshall-Tierney, Cecilia McKinnon, Sarah Molina, Hollis Moore, Hamshya Rajkumar, Chitra Sangtani, Kacie Smith, Molly Zimmer, Rachel Zollinger

    Land Arts of the American West: to inspire and support environmentally and socially engaged art practices through field-based bioregional teaching, collective learning, interdisciplinary research, community collaboration, and creative forms of publication and exhibition.

    OUR LANDS 2 is a symposium is a series of talks, exhibits and happenings to advance the broadening discourse on land commons and farmland futures. It is hosted by The Greenhorns and Agrarian Trust in partnership with Whitehead Foundation, Santa Fe Farmers Market Institute, Quivera Coalition, Bioneers and the Biodynamic Association. November 9 - 17, 2016.

  • ReFashion at form & concept, Santa Fe

    form & concept presents
    ReFashion: a group show of works reinterpreting the world of wearables
    August 19 - October 30, 2016

    We’re playing with people’s expectations of what fashion or wearability is. There’s an implicit exhibitionist quality in wearing any type of clothing and there are some fantastic artists that take this to another level not only through works that are functionally wearable, but using fashion, clothing and wearables as a starting point for conceptual pieces.

    Artists include: Megan Burns (NM), Peter Clouse (MI), Annica Cuppetelli (MI), Seth Damm + Debra Baxter (LA + NM), Angela Ellsworth (AZ), Owen Gordon (CO), Jennifer Henry (NV), Jeanne Medina (VA), Mark Newport (MI), Kacie Smith (NM), and Jason Villegas (NY).

    ReFashion is presented in conjunction with the exhibition Re Form: Subversive Fashion at Central Features in Albuquerque, NM.

    form & concept, 435 S. Guadalupe St. Santa Fe, NM 87501
    Frank Rose, frankr@formandconcept.center, 505.982.8111 x1005

  • Excavated at Tamarind Institute

    Excavated, May 6 - 12, 2016

    Collaborative lithographs made by Tamarind printers Mark Williams, Ash Armenta, Eric Euler, Thomas Cert, Carlie Salomans, Jordan Welsh, Michael De La Cruz, and Shasta Blackford paired with University of New Mexico artists include Ed Brandt, Hollis Moore, Kacie Erin Smith, Marcie Brewer, Molly Zimmer, Ben Lenetsky, Bianca Ferreira, and Erin Fussell.

  • Arts Unexpected, Albuquerque

    City-wide public art event Friday, April 29
    Mobile Gravy comes to UNM Friday morning - details
    Open Studios in the Annex in the evening - details

  • "Proofed", Portland, OR

    an investigation of printmaking and flour milling
    traditions that involve grinding, stone and fiber

    working with one’s hands
    knowing one’s materials
    artists feeding bellies and hearts

    Includes works printed by Mike De La Cruz and Carlie Solamons at the Tamarind Institute, Albuquerque, NM. Opens during FLUX: The Edge of Yesterday and Tomorrow (#SGCI2016).

    Seastar Bakery + Handsome Bakery
    1603 NE Killingsworth Street
    Portland, Oregon

    Exhibition dates: March 20 – April 20, 2016
    Opening reception: Thursday, April 1, 5 – 8pm
    Hours: weekends 9am - 9pm, weekdays 7am - 9pm (closed Tuesdays)

  • "Stories Out / In Place" pictured in the Daily Lobo

    "Fine Arts program gets permanent downtown studio" in The Daily Lobo. 29 February 2016 (leap day!).

  • Center for Art + Environment Archive

    Documents of collaborative and individual fieldwork and projects from Land Arts of the American West are now held in the Center for Art + Environment Archive at the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno.

  • "Automic" at Small Engine Gallery

    Group show for The Hand Magazine

    The HAND is a magazine for reproduction-based art, run by Adam Finkelston, the owner, publisher and co-editor, and James Meara, the lead designer and co-editor. The HAND works with photography and printmaking, focusing on the artists hand through reproductive methods of creation.

    Small Engine Gallery, Albuquerque
    Exhibition: February 1 - 28, 2016
    Reception: February 12, 6-9pm

  • Have Company residency

    Have Company residency

    I'll be spending two weeks in May 2016 collaborating with CB Bryan as Artists-in-Residence at Have Company in Grand Rapids, MI. We will be bringing our mobile shadow puppet theater along as we attempt to unpack ideas about collaboration, art, mobility and place.

    About CB and Kacie:
    Based in New Mexico, CB Bryan and Kacie Erin Smith create a variety of artworks and happenings exploring homes, place and community. Building on a series of art-focused bike tours and camping trips together, they share stories of the sentimental and the absurd.

  • Land Arts of the American West: 2015 Exhibition

    Land Arts of the American West is an interdisciplinary, field-based studio art program at the University of New Mexico. During the program students travel extensively throughout the Southwest while camping and investigating environmental sites, human habitation systems, and questions facing the region. This exhibition presents the work of these artists as each shares critical and creative insights into the ecology of place.

    Artists: Paula D. Barteau, CB Bryan, Harriet Fawcett, Clark Frauenglass, Erin Fussell, Andrea Luella Gohl, Eleanora Jaroszynska, Joanna Keane Lopez, Sarah Molina, Orianna Pavlik, Kacie Erin Smith and Field Director Jeanette Hart-Mann

    John Sommers Gallery
    University of New Mexico, Albuquerque
    November 30 – December 10, 2015

    To learn more about Art and Ecology's semester program, check out our website and blog.

  • "Patterns of Our Migrations"

    'Patterns of Our Migration' explores the tradition of mobility. Several years ago, I came upon a newspaper clipping by my great uncle. “Generations of my family have moved west and east in a pattern that is strangely American,” he wrote, recalling the farms, schools and cities that pulled them ever onwards from home to new home.

    In my own life, tensions exist between the desire to stay put and the pattern to take to the road. This installation examines recent and historical migrations through the impulse to make objects, construct spaces, and forge connections to place.

    Solo Exhibition at John Sommers Gallery, Albuquerque
    September 17 - October 6
    Closing Event: Tuesday, October 6, 12 - 3pm

  • "Just for you my dear desert"

    This exhibition is an installation of live documentation of the Wilderness Studio journey throughout the Chihuahuan Desert -- from New Mexico down to the southern border of Texas. The horizon line created hints at the sublime nature of that desert and exploring a certain vastness within ourselves. Limited by what we could carry on our backs, many mountains, valleys, caves, cacti, vermillion tanagers, The Rio Grande, hot springs, and the Milky Way provided abundant inspiration.

    John Sommers Gallery, Albuquerque
    June 1 - 11, 2015

  • Curator at Inpost Artspace, Albuquerque

    Kacie Smith is now working as a curator of the Inpost Artspace, housed within the Outpost Performance Space on Yale Ave. Keep an eye on the INPOST website for upcoming exhibitions and calls for entry.

  • Teaching at Kala, Berkeley

    Printmaking workshop this April
    Monotype + Stencil Experiments
    Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, CA
    This class focuses on large monotype and the use of stencils. Students will learn to print one-of-a-kind works with unique graphic quality by printing flat and painterly layers. Special attention will be paid to color, shape, and form. Students are encouraged to experiment at the press, react to their results, and build up evolving compositions. All levels welcome.
    Saturdays, April 19 & 26, 10am-5pm
    Class Cost: $265
    This class is full. To be put on the waitlist, please email classes@kala.org.

  • Arc Iris album release

    A dear friend Jocie Adam releases her new album on ANTI - Records April 1, 2014. Album cover features Kacie's artwork.

  • "K I N //"

    The Farmstand
    Gospel Flat Farm, Bolinas, CA
    Opens September 15, 3 - 9 pm
    Runs through October 7

    K I N // is a show about time and light. Times of day and the light that defines them, and more deeply, light as a vehicle to illuminate the hidden histories between and within the artists' individual timelines.

    K I N // invites you into the artists' worlds by framing their art in their relationships: their printed and installed works, their beginnings as artists, their shared and evolved processes, and their distinctions. Kacie, Steven, Lisa, and Ellen met nearly seven years ago in the art spaces of Washington University, in St. Louis. The gravity of their time together resonates in this collection; shared thematic content as well as shared inspiration. These are artists who relish those moments when light is fleeting or is just emerging -- when the sun reminds you of magic and seedlings uncurl and the world begins to move. And if you ask them, they'll tell you that joy is a circle. Layers of light abound and respect for time and memory is evident.

    The show is housed in and inspired by the uniqueness of Mickey Murch's honor-system farm stand, an experiment with trust and vegetables.

    Work by
    Lisa Bulawsky - Steven Garen - Ellen Madden - Kacie Erin Smith

    Curated by
    Jeanie Kirk

  • The Seed Circus

    Seed Circus was a series of four summer events at the Oakland Museum about how urban communities engage with the natural world. Each of the four events, held outdoors on Sunday afternoons, explored a different theme: Felt, Forage, Culture, and Seed.

    Seed Circus included craft demos, live music, cooking tutorials, film screenings, bike rides, reading libraries, panel discussions, a pie-baking contest, and lots of food. We commissioned a chef to kill and cook a wild boar, asked a cheese-maker to stretch mozzarella with the audience, and sheared two sheep. The series was organized in collaboration with the Greenhorns, a national advocacy group for young farmers in America.

    Foraging Map

  • "Real Shining People"

    Michael Rosenthal Gallery is pleased to present Bay Area artist Kacie Erin Smith’s first solo show, Real Shining People. In a style that is seductively ambiguous, Smith executes technical monotypes with a delicate, sensitive hand. Drawing from the physical and emotional experiences of relationships, ceremony and the natural landscape, Smith’s bright graphics and intimate details hint at the spirit of seeking meaning in tradition and connection to place. Through her use of symbolic objects, figural fragments and layered color, she evokes the breathy memories of human experience that are created by the passing of time. The title, Real Shining People, refers to the moments when people are radiant– when joy and peace take us beyond physical reality.

    Michael Rosenthal Gallery, San Francisco
    March 25 - May 4, 2010

  • Pressing Destiny: Washington University Printmakers Move West!

    'Pressing Destiny' is an investigation into the work of several Wash U printmaking alumni who followed their own pressing destiny to move west. This portfolio is a rich sampling of how the westward journey of these artists manifests in the work and how a community that began in St. Louis over several decades, is now thriving up and down the west coast in Universities, studios, and community centers. The artists in this portfolio share a similar history of Washington University and west coast print traditions, yet their work finds an original and contemporary state of balance between the two. These artists demonstrate a dynamic working balance between these two geographic and cultural forces.

    Subterranean Books, St. Louis, Missouri
    for Equilibrium Conference, Southern Graphics Council
    March 2011

  • Look Yonder

    This collaborative project looks to the Arch and the Lewis and Clark saga as inspiration for investigating the origins of St. Louis as the Gateway to the West. This project strives to find some way to relate to monumental ideas and nostalgic structures. Trading cards designed by twenty artists were printed on photo-polymer plates during the conference which were distributed throughout St. Louis by organizers Katie Ford and Annie Stephens costumed at Lewis and Clark.

    March 17 & 18, 2011
    Kranzberg Illustrated Book Studio
    Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Art

  • Kala Annual

    FRESH WORK is a presentation of new works in an array of media from over eighty members of Kala’s artists’ community.

    Kala Art Institute Gallery
    2990 Heinz Avenue, Berkeley, CA
    December 9 through February 19, 2011

  • Self-Conscious Experiments in the 21st Century

    Michael Rosenthal Gallery is pleased to present a group show of new work by the artists Drew Beckmeyer, Veronica De Jesus, Jillian McDonald, and Kacie Erin Smith. Through experimentation of process and style, these four artists make work that is unique in its visual immediacy. The exhibition's eclectic group of paintings and works on paper are playful and bright in aesthetic detail, but complex in their suggestions and implications. While vastly different in style and background, the artists are brought together by collective exploration in their practices and work.

    Rosenthal Gallery
    395 Valencia Street, San Francisco
    June 26 - July 10, 2010

  • H O M E at Rock Paper Scissors

    Home. This conjures up different things for each of us. These twelve featured artists have hand-printed a variety of works on their interpretation of this theme. They range from items that were in their home to houses to home plate (think baseball) to more conceptual ideas of where or what home can be.

    Our featured artists for this twelfth and final month of 2009 are Amy Jean White, Brian Schuck, Brice Ben Hobbs, Clare Szydlowski, Fonda Murray, Greta Aalborg-Volper, Kacie Erin Smith, Kathe Welch, Laura K Alger, Laurel Prieto, Patricia Miye Wakida, and Trish Foschi.

    opens at Friday's Oakland Art Murmur
    December 4 - 25, 2009

    Rock Paper Scissors Gallery
    2278 Telegraph Avenue
    Oakland, CA 94612